is the leading regional college recruiting center providing and dedicated to, and powered by the passion of the universities to recruit the best collegiate level athletes. Focused on those who participate in sports at the junior high school and high school levels, Attract Athletics drives the interaction between these athletes and colleges and universities. is the only regional recruitment site that uses unique processes on the internet that is solely dedicated tosimplifying and maximizing your recruiting efforts. Every sport and every position is represented. Attract Athletics provides college coaches with the necessary elements to organize and advertise their player needs with the most effective recruitment tools, and in real time. The athletes showcase their talents, stats, and special skills (via their resumes, video uploads, and links), in an effort to illustrate their desire to play at the collegiate level and in effect, to ultimately obtain full or partial scholarship opportunities.

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Attract Athletics was developed by former college athletes alongside executive and athletic recruitment specialists as a unique platform in which its mission has and will always be, to successfully introduce the right players to the right schools. Attract Athletics is licensed and headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida.