How do I get recruited to play in sports in college? This is all explained                                                  A + B + C = Division I,II,III,NAIA and JUCO.

   A - Academics - Your grades/GPA,curriculum (types of classes) programs and affiliations. 


   B - Body - The Certified Combines Measurables - Height + Weight + Speed + Strength + Agility +                   Coordination + Power/Jumping. Verified through filming and viewable measurements in real                 time.


    C - Competitiveness  - Level of competition + Game film + Plus highlight film.  This helps the                       college scout or college coach asses your ability to compete under game conditions.  

                                                                     =                                                                                         Combining these measurables and variables dictate how and why you get recruited and the                 level that you play. 



  It's up to the athlete to project their best self to be worthy of the pro level...which is COLLEGE!

  By combining these ABC's you will move from one category to another not up or down.                         WHO YOU ARE PHYSICALLY DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR RESOLVE NOR DOES IT DETERMINE           YOUR COMPETITIVENESS IN LIFE!

  Different body sizes are like weight classes in BOXING and WRESTLING!  A CHAMPION IS A                 CHAMPION REGARDLESS OF SIZE!

                         Either you are a professional college student athlete or you are not!

  Grades open doors the lower your grades are the fewer options you have. The more competitive you     are in the classroom the more academic money you can get vs physical/athletic money....You may         even qualify for both. You can't change your physical dimensions, but you can change your grades!

    Coaches need to see film since they can't see every player initially in person. The film displaying physical attributes and measurables draw the college recruiters eye. You need to be proactive to catch the eye of the coaches. We offer a very affordable program that helps you communicate with the college coaches. Choose a regional recruiting center

  Attract Athletics is the only (patent pending) web based Recruitment System built

  exclusively for high school's and universities. Recruitment Advertising is not        

  passive...either is winning!

  The university's athletic program will have a unique presence serving each team's needs without         prejudice, especially during quiet and dead periods! High School student athletes will be able         to communicate with colleges in real-time. There are other networking sites, but this is the             

  ONLY system of it's kind born from technology that manages nations recruiting process. In the USA             

  over 26 Billion dollars is invested annually to find the right candidate!  Developing recruitment    

  strategies since 2004 we have built technology and configured it to meet the needs in college      

  sports recruiting.

  When you are not on the road, your college's program can interact with prospects from coast to        

  coast and abroad! You have NO LIMITS in recruiting with our system. We have assembled our    

  database that reaches over 17,000 college coaches. The number one question asked of us by coaches is .... 

                                                                  HOW CAN I GET A RECRUITING EDGE? 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Click here to learn more › 

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